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wbbgalga(hs)pbgab series

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wbbgalga(hs)pbgab series

wbbga/lga/(hs)pbga technology


technology overview

tfme’s bga (ball grid array) is a laminated substrate packaging solution that is compatible with various smt surface mount processes in the industry. full-size fine pitch bga (fbga) is suitable for different package sizes(0.8 to 25mm), thicknesses(0.5 to 1.6mm), a broad range of ball grid array pitch (≥ 0.35 mm pitch), different number of balls for the single and multi-die layouts, stacked dies (1-16) and passive component integration designs. thin core laminate (1 to 8 metal layers) from the strong supply chain in the industry, ultra-thin mold cap thicknesses and silicon wafer thinning to 50 µm enable next-generation tablets, smartphones, game controllers, automotive, industrial, digital and video cameras and remote devices.


tfme also provides a variety of mature lga (land grid array) solutions. tfme’s lga is suitable for different package size (0.7 to 15mm including the special package), thickness (0.4 to 1.4mm), and standard terminal (≥ 0.4mm pitch), core and coreless processes that could offer the service from prototype design to application of rf, wi-fi, bluetooth, iot, fingerprint sensor, rfid, navigation and other products.


 ◆ leading edge technology and expanding package offerings provide a platform from prototype-to-production;

 ◆ 0.7-27mm package size available, including (hs)pbga 23x23mm & 27x27mm;

 ◆ 8-1000 ball/lead counts;

 ◆ 0.35, 0.4, 0.5, 0.65, 0.75, 0.80 & 1.0 mm ball pitch available;

 ◆ suitable substrate for multi-die (mcm and stack) and integrated smt structures;

 ◆ outstanding flexible internal routing of signal, power, and ground for device performance and system compatibility;

 ◆ rohs-6 (green) bom options for 100% of product family

 ◆ gold, coper, and silver wire interconnection method and high-volume infrastructure at tfme production facilities;

 ◆ thermal conductivity epoxy (3&6w/mk) and high thermal conductivity silver paste (100w/mk) available

 ◆ excellent reliability and low-cost production solutions;

 ◆ jedec publication 95 design guide 4.5 (jep95);


 tfme的bga(ball grid array)是一种层压基板封装尊龙凯时公司官网的解决方案,兼容行业各种smt表面贴装制程。全尺寸小节距 bga (fbga)适用于不同封装尺寸(0.8至25mm)、厚度(0.5至1.6mm)、各种球栅阵列节距(≥ 0.35 mm节距)、不同焊球数量、单晶片多晶片布局、堆叠晶片(1-16) 和被动元件集成等设计。行业供应链提供的薄型核心层压基板(1至8个金属层)、超薄塑封体厚度和薄至 50 微米硅晶圆,为打造下一代平板电脑、智能手机、游戏控制器、汽车、工业、数字和视频摄像头和远程设备提供尊龙凯时公司官网的解决方案。

 同时tfme提供各种成熟的系统集成lga(land grid array)方案:封装尺寸0.7至15mm(含异形封装)、厚度0.4至1.4mm、标准端子节距0.4mm以上、core和coreless工艺制程,为射频、wi-fi、蓝牙、iot、指纹识别、电子标签、定位导航等产品从设计到应用的全流程服务。


 ◆ 尖端技术和大量封装尊龙凯时公司官网的解决方案提供原型到生产的平台

 ◆ 支持 0.7-27 mm封装尺寸, 包含(hs)pbga23x23、27x27

 ◆ 8-1000个焊球/引脚数量

 ◆ 支持 0.35、0.4、0.5、0.65、0.75、0.80 & 1.0 mm焊球节距

 ◆ 适用于多晶粒 (mcm、stack) 和集成 smt 结构的基板类封装

 ◆ 高度灵活的内部信号、电源和接地布线,提升器件性能和系统兼容性

 ◆ 全部采用 rohs-6(绿色)材料

 ◆ 采用金线、铜线、银线互连方式,并且都设有大批量生产设施

 ◆ 支持热传导环氧基树脂 (3w&6w/mk) 和高导热银浆 (100w/mk)

 ◆ 高可靠性和低成本尊龙凯时公司官网的解决方案

 ◆ jedec publication 95 design guide 4.5 (jep95)






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